Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Northern California Innocence Project breakfast briefing next week on eyewitness identification
  • After getting first exoneration earlier this week, Colorado Attorney General’s Office will expand its exoneration program (more here)
  • Man convicted of murder tries for new trial on new expert testimony that State’s trial evidence about his location at time of crime from cellphone records is junk science. ¬†Court rejects the new trial bid
  • Innocence Project about to walk another man out of prison, this time in New Orleans, after DNA test results undermine State’s theory at trial; Booker Diggins takes Alford plea to lesser charges, and Barry Scheck praises the prosecutor
  • More on the Central Park Jogger case and the ongoing battle over the disclosure of police files in the case
  • Idaho Innocence Project ¬†seeking new trial for a woman who was convicted of killing both her parents after a fight about her boyfriend
  • Texas death row inmate Hank Skinner’s decade-long fight for DNA testing finally reaches Texas high court

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