Update on the National Registry of Exonerations

In Mark Godsey’s ‘Quick Clicks’ yesterday, there was a piece titled “an update from the National Registry of Exonerations,” which currently has logged data on 1,219 exonerations nationwide so far.  I hope you were able to check it out, and were able to navigate through the Registry’s updated website.

To me, the most important value of the Registry is that it’s a rich source of real, hard data on the occurrence of wrongful convictions – something that we have historically not had.  The registry has been able to publish a statistical analysis of 873 exonerations from 1989-2012, and you can see that report here.

I am a self-admitted data junkie, and when I saw the Registry’s new site, was thrilled to see that they have presented data in graphical form that will be continuously updated.  I thought I would highlight two examples for you here.

NatRegExon Charts

And congratulations to both Nancy and Jim Petro on being named to the Registry’s Advisory Board.  I’m sure you’re aware that Nancy is a contributing editor to this blog.

One response to “Update on the National Registry of Exonerations

  1. Another great accomplishment!

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