Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Reveals He Has Terminal Cancer…

Exoneree Rubin “Hurricane” Carter revealed sad news at the injustice conference in Australia:  that he has bee diagnosed with terminal cancer.   Details here.

15 responses to “Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Reveals He Has Terminal Cancer…

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    ¦ – ( He was born 06 May 1937, ≈ 4 months before me !

    I consider him young for selfish reasons.

    I’m aware of his past legal struggle and his win.

    NJ fought tooth and nail, trashing Brady, along the way.

    I’m uncertain whether the current habeas protocol {Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) (Pub. L. No. 104-132, 110 Stat. 1214)} would have assured his release, had it been in effect 1985.

    USDC (D.N.J. 1985) writ granted
    Carter v. Rafferty, 621 F. Supp. 533
    CCA-3 (Third Circuit) – affirmed
    USSC – certiorari ☺denied☺

    1987 06 26 Powell retired
    1988 02 18 Kennedy assumed office

    DISPOSITION: Certiorari denied. (8 justices)
    JUDGES: Rehnquist, Brennan, White, Marshall, Blackmun, Stevens, O’Connor, Scalia

    OPINION: The petition for writ of certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit is denied

    You have to ♥ their spirit ‼
    “And while I try not to think about him going. When his torch burns out I will pick up that torch and keep going til my torch burns out.

    “But as for right now, Rubin isn’t thinking like that. I heard him say to someone the other day that he ain’t got time to die. That is what he is like.”

  2. Having met both Mr Carter and John Artis and being priveleged to be able to call them “friends” this is truly tragic. This is the fight of all fights for Rubin and I wish him well. My daughter is an attorney because of RUbin, a defense attorney, trying to keep the innocent OUT of jail because of our failed justice system. Shame on us for what we did to John and Rubin. Let us all pick up the torch and continue his journey! Love and good thoughts from California Rubin!!

  3. ciao rubin un affettuoso saluto dall’italia… sei un grande uomo. la tua storia mi rimarra sempre nel cuore

  4. you been a fighter all your life rubin so dont stop now its just another round my best wish are with you god bless

  5. I wish u all the best Mr Carter. Ur storie truly inspires me. All the best all the way from South Africa

    Kind regards


  6. I’m absaloutly fascinated by your story Reuben, I love your books and hearing your side of true story
    Much love. Stay strong
    Jonny Bruce

  7. Carter has lived too long, his victims would argue.

  8. This story is unreal, nothing ever will justif what this man has lived threw, I wish him all the best, justic was even tho it never need of be was finally done, this bloke is a true,outstanding,human being. Much love from Bristol,England.

  9. I do not wish terminal cancer on anyone. I once received a death warrant myself. Unfortunately, I do not believe that Mr. Carter will see his past life in a true light.

  10. Mr. Carter,I’m so sorry to hear about your illness .I so desperately need your help.I have a friend that was wrongfully convicted in Georgia for thirty years for a crime he did not commit.Please, Please ,Please help us. I saw you on celebrity crime and I said there is a God. If you can please help us . I can give you more details .Thank you.

  11. I just saw the movie about you. I know racisme is still an issue in these day’s. But when the part came that you where released I jumped from joy. You’re an inspiration for so many people. Even for my children when they grow up. They have a little color because I’m a whittie and the father is colored. Thank you for sharing you’re life story. I do hope you will receive this message. Greetings from Belgium

  12. Tuquania Edwards

    Im just trying to reach Rubin hurricane Carter, he’s my grandpa, i seen him only ONCE in my life & to know he’s on his last days. I would love to tell him one thing. If you have an e-mail address or a mailing address I will appreciate it very much

  13. Rubin please contact me ASAP, my father diagnosed terminal aggressive prostate secondary bone, YOU CAN SURVIVE. My father living example. All his cancer in remission…

  14. I am sorry to learn of Mr. Carter’s serious illness. Also, I have revised my thinking about his case after reading this article with all of the wonderful people that fight for the wrongly convicted. I do believe Rubin also wrongfully convicted in light of comments made here by Innocent Project pro bono lawyers, investigators and law professors.

  15. Is this true? Is there any way I can send a letter or an email to rubin carter

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