Documentary Film Incendiary: The Willingham Case Wins Innocence Network Award

Incendiary:  The Williamham Case won the Innocence Network Journalism Award last Friday at the annual convention in Kansas City.  The film’s homepage is here.  Press coverage about the film and its big win here.  Purchase here.  Get from iTunes here.  From the news report:

When is a film more than a film? Movies become public artifacts once they leave their makers’ domains and enter the world. They’re judged by all sorts of artistic, social, and critical standards. But rarely are they judged by journalistic standards.
That, maybe, has something to do with the bar having been set so high when the evidence in Errol Morris’ The Thin Blue Lineresulted in an innocent man being released from death row – a Texas death row, I might add.Texans convicted of murder on dubious evidence has again become award-winning subject matter for two local filmmakers. On Friday, Steve Mims and Joe Bailey Jr. received the Innocence Network’s Journalism Award at the group’s convention in in Kansas City, Missouri. This documentary, which premiered at South by Southwest Film 2011, traces the story of the conviction and execution of Cameron Todd Willingham for the arson murder of his three children in 1991, as well as the resulting scientific, legal, and political firestorm that continues to rage today. Highlighting the junk science that was used to convict Willingham as well the personalities and politics that overrode the opinions of arson experts, Incendiary was awarded the Louis Black Texas Film Award at SXSW.

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