‘Bloodiest Prison in the South’: The Angolan 3

The case of the Angolan 3 continues to interrogate and question the reach of the criminal justice system in America. I am sure you will find this link a compelling read.http://www.angola3.org/thecase.aspx.  The narrative centers around the murder charges leveled against Herman Wallace,  Albert Woodfox and Robert King. It provides you with different dimensions to their odyssey and struggles finding justice; the twists and turns of over 4 decades. The lesson it teaches: why we must continually seek to reform and re-engineer the machinery of justice, for, it is better to set a thousand guilty persons free, than to allow one innocent man suffer miscarriage of justice.

One response to “‘Bloodiest Prison in the South’: The Angolan 3

  1. Each weak we can view a report about prisons in USA, sometimes in UdSSR, too. On N24.de. Yesterday I saw Denver County Prison. I feel so sorry about people there, so often young or menthal sick people. But I could share all knowledge I am getting from social media. Best: Dr. Annamaria Grabowski

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