New Study Released Today On Prosecutorial Misconduct in Arizona…

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A coalition of innocence projects, legal experts and wrongly convicted defendants will announce today that a study of prosecutorial misconduct in Arizona from 2004 through 2008 found prosecutors committed error in 20 cases.

The coalition—which includes The Innocence Project of New York, along with Veritas Initiative, a policy and research arm of theNorthern California Innocence Project, as well as Innocence Project New Orleans and Voices of Innocence—is convening in Arizona in the latest stop in a national tour aimed at exposing prosecutorial misconduct and initiating reform.
In 15 of the cases, the finding of error was deemed “harmless” and the convictions were upheld. In five of the cases, the errors were ruled to be “harmful” and the convictions were reversed.
During that same time period, three prosecutors were publicly disciplined by the State Bar of Arizona, but none of the prosecutors in the 20 cases found by Veritas were subject to any discipline.
One of those three prosecutors  disciplined was Kenneth Peasley— once considered the most feared prosecutor in Pima County, Arizona, where he won  conviction after conviction, some of which sent defendants to Death Row.
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  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    God , let me live until all the pins line up .

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