Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Montana Innocence Project files motion for new trial in murder case of Richard Raugust, based on new evidence that someone else committed the murder, and evidence that the judge improperly pressured the deadlocked jurors to reach a decision; Montana Innocence Project also files for new trial in the case of Robert J. Wilkes, who was convicted of killing his infant son, on the basis of new medical evidence showing the cause of death was a liver disorder
  • John Thompson, exonerated death-row inmate and founder and director of Resurrection After Exoneration, will visit the University of Toledo College of Law to share his story and describe his work to assist ex-offenders and individuals wrongfully convicted as they re-enter their communities.  Thompson will speak Tuesday, Sept. 18, at noon in the newly renovated Richard & Jane McQuade Law Center Auditorium.
  • Johnny Depp says of West Memphis 3:  “It could have been any of us.”
  • More on the Cardiff 3 case in Wales and the botched attempt to prosecute the police officers responsible

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