Daily Trial Coverage of Hang Bin Li Shaken Baby Syndrome Case

AnnieHang Bin Li and his wife, Ying Li, were charged with, and imprisoned for, killing their baby daughter, Annie, in October, 2007.  Recently, all charges against Ying Li were dropped, but her husband is currently undergoing a homicide trial in New York.


Please see the previous WCB post on the Hang Bin Li case here.

And you can also see the NY Times article, “What Happened to Baby Annie?” here.

The Chinese community in New York has been their only active supporter, through the media and by blog.  A new blog, presenting daily coverage of the trial, has just been initiated.

You can follow daily blog coverage of the Hang Bin Li trial here.

The blog editor would like to draw your particular attention to ‘day 2’ of the trial, during which the neurosurgeon who testified as an expert for the prosecution, Dr. James T. Goodrich, was cross-examined by defense attorney Cedric Ashley.

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