David Ranta Freed After More Than 2 Decades in Prison


New York (CNN) — A New York man has been freed after serving more than two decades in prison for the killing of a rabbi during a botched diamond heist, with a judge calling his conviction a miscarriage of justice.

Interestingly, the police are “standing by” the arrest, and deny any claims that there was any “witness coaching.”

Read the full story here.

7 responses to “David Ranta Freed After More Than 2 Decades in Prison

  1. This will be the case as long as ploice are allow to get by with saying what the want , even if its not true. Long over due for an overhual of the justice system.

  2. There are no words to describe the horror of an innocent person’s life taken away for 22 years except as “government lawlessness” which should be a crime in itself.

  3. “Interesting” the police are standing behind the arrest! It is not interesting not is it surprising to see. Any reasonable person would understand that it should not be a 23 year journey to freedom unless there is a tremendous effort to keep the truth hidden. Does anybody think the police will admit that?? There are MANY more people waiting for their chance to prove innocence.FREEPAULCORTEZ.ORG

  4. This is one more example of why every elected District Attorney of a major jurisdiction needs to establish a special unit of prosecutors who are dedicated to investigating doubtful convictions, much like the Dallas County prosecutor’s office which has helped find over 25 wrongful convictions in the past several years.

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