New Scholarship Spotlight: Innocence Compensation: A Comparative Look at the American and Canadian Approaches

260981_1027077731_6977685_n-1Myles Frederick McLellan from the University of Ottawa Department of Criminology has posted the above-titled article on SSRN.  Download article here.  The abstract states:

The plight of the wrongfully convicted is gaining prominence with the growing awareness of the prodigious harms to innocent persons at the hands of the criminal justice system. Most of the attention, both scholarly and legislatively, has been focused on the causes of miscarriages of justice. What needs to now be addressed more comprehensively is the issue of how to provide redress to those persons whose lives have been inexorably damaged; and how to best compensate them in their efforts to rebuild a life. Virtually all western democracies have turned their attention to this issue, some more effectively than others. This paper looks at the similarities and the differences in the approaches between the United States and Canada in this regard. Lessons can be learned from both.

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