Amanda Knox case spawns new breed of activists

Seattle Weekly tells how the controversial case of Seattle native Amanda Knox opened the eyes of many people for the first time to how justice can go awry. Some of those who rallied to Knox’s defense have moved on to other interests. But others have expanded their advocacy to other cases, such as those highlighted at You can read the story here.

3 responses to “Amanda Knox case spawns new breed of activists

  1. Heather Hales

    Thank you Mr. Yant for this very accurate observation. I am one of those who had no idea of the miscarriages of justice occurring all over the world and especially in the US until I became aware of Amanda’s case. I continue to be involved as much as I am able in other cases of injustice that need to be corrected!

  2. Thank you Mr. Yant for bringing this to our attention. The Innocence Network is having the same effect as well. As each story comes out and can be posted for the world to see! Great job.

  3. I dare disagree. There is no argument to support that in the Meredith Kercher murder case there is or was a miscarriage of justice. AK was found guilty, with her Italian boyfriend and another person, of sexually assaulting and murdering Meredith. She has appealed and the conviction was affirmed. She has a last appeal for procedural reasons at Supreme Court, she may or may not ask for it. In Italy every conviction (or acquittal) is justified in writing with very detailed reasonings, so the principles of reasonable doubt and presumption of innocence are more important and protected than in the US (jury is a black box in the US even if they are told the principles there is no guarantee they will follow them). 2 automatic appeals exist so every defendant is given ample rights to argue the case. In fact, it is a very pro-defendant criminal justice system. If you argue miscarriage you must read the original documents and verdicts and discuss them in their merit and substance. If you read them – I believe most people here did not – you will find a lot of evidence exists against the defendants so a conviction is perfectly possible by any Court. Remember we are not a Court. Trials, as an article on this same blog correctly stated, should not be done on internet or by hasty inexperienced and language-ignorant reporters but in Court, arguing your position with the help of lawyers and experts, which AK did and lost anyway.

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