Exonerated – – but no apology again!

Andre Davis, convicted of rape and murder in Illinois, has been exonerated but once again, a prosecutor could not bring herself to apologize despite clearcut DNA evidence.  This was just brought to my attention by Rob Warden, who provided the following link to the news story:



Ron Huff



2 responses to “Exonerated – – but no apology again!

  1. I feel sorry for the lady prosecutor, although I have met many in my time that would not apologize, even if their life depend on it. I believe those kind of people will stand before one much greater than any of us, and with no repentance showing on their book of life, they may hear, I NEVER KNEW YOU.

  2. Ron,
    Thanks for posting this. This behavior by prosecutors is almost beyond understanding; but I know why it happens, and unfortunately, it has nothing to do with serving justice.
    Saw you at the conference, but regrettably didn’t get to say ‘hello.’

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