Michigan Man Who Falsely Confessed Charged with Lying to Police

This one is mind boggling.

A mentally ill Lansing, Michigan man, Kosgar Lado, under interrogation by police, momentarily confessed to shooting a man.  Even though he subsequently withdrew that statement later in the interrogation, he was charged with the murder.  After further investigation, the police determined that Lado was not the shooter, and the murder charges were dropped.  But now the prosecutor has charged Lado with felony lying to the police!

Read the LSJ.com story here.

And here’s something else about this story.  The police chief commented to the media that officers went “above and beyond” in confirming that Lado was not the shooter.  B-A-L-O-N-E-Y!  The police have an official duty and an ethical obligation to pursue the facts to determine if their suspects are actually innocent.  I would say they were just doing their job.  The police are normally all too willing to determine if a suspect “might be” guilty, and then turn it over to the prosecutor; and false confessions are one of the major ways they do this.  It’s well known that the mentally ill and the mentally deficient are at high risk of making false confessions.

Thanks to WCB follower Jeremy Praay for forwarding this story.

6 responses to “Michigan Man Who Falsely Confessed Charged with Lying to Police

  1. Actually, I don’t “Like” this story at all: I am outraged.

    The officers bullied him into saying what they wanted to hear, and now they’re charging him with lying. And incredibly, right now while we read this, Mr. Lado is in jail, not receiving treatment for his condition. And the prosecutor is not phased by reports that he’s incompetent to stand trial at this point.

    If they think he was sane at the time of the interrogation, do they not wonder if maybe they contributed to his break with reality? I think we would all agree that being helpless against cruel and unrelenting authority is not psychically healthy.

  2. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Such police need removed from office by ANY means possible „ preferably lawful .

  3. And how many times did the law enforcement Lie to him? How many times did the law enforcement use scare tactics to make him feel he had better Lie, or else? Maybe all Liars should be jailed, then the jails would be full of Guilty people rather than Innocent Citizens, the jails would house all Law Enforcement, all Prosecuters, all Lawyers, and all Liars in the public who call and report False Acuusations.

    From exonerations data: 51% Perjury or False Accusations, 15% False Confession, 24% False Evidence, 43% Mistaken Witness ID, 42% Official Misconduct.

    North Dakota Wrongfully Convicted

    • Also add to that about 95% of the citizens charged are forced to plead guilty rather than go to trial you have a corrupt legal system that fosters Lies by force and coersion. Thats a crime in my opinion.

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