Mississippi Supreme Court Overturns Conviction Involving Steven Hayne, Shaken Baby Syndrome

We’ve posted previously about Dr. Steven Hayne here.  Hayne was the now-discredited, long-time medical examiner for the state of Mississippi; notorious for his questionable forensic testimony.

Dr. Hayne’s cases keep unraveling; however, this case does not center specifically on Hayne’s credibility, but rather on the defendant’s being denied the ability to hire an expert to challenge Hayne’s credibility in court.

See the story by Radley Balko of the Washington Post here.

3 responses to “Mississippi Supreme Court Overturns Conviction Involving Steven Hayne, Shaken Baby Syndrome

  1. Mr. Locke, Thank you for keeping this ongoing story of Mississippi’s discredited and notorious medical examiner, Dr. Steven Haynes, in the harsh spotlight. How many innocent lives did he destroy?

  2. And then there’s the Jeff Havard manifest injustice.
    Petition · Mississippi AG Jim Hood: Grant JEFF HAVARD an Evidentiary Hearing to Prove he was Wrongfully Convicted! · Change . org 11/2014


    “Jeff’s conviction was based on the testimony of an un-certified pathologist and the sexual molestation speculation of emergency room staff that testified the infant’s dilated anus indicated sexual abuse. Jeff was denied independent experts to counter their claims. Since Jeff’s conviction all testimony used to convict has been disputed and discredited.
    Dr. Steven Hayne conducted the autopsy, concluding the death was a homicide, consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Dr. Hayne also testified that an anal contusion was “consistent with penetration of the rectum with an object.” He did not state Chloe was sexually assaulted, but failed to rightfully exclude it. The court accepted the findings of Dr. Hayne, neglecting to take into account that he was not a certified pathologist. Since the time of Jeff’s trial, Dr. Hayne has been discredited for submitting faulty work on multiple cases and is now banned from performing autopsies in the State of Mississippi. Dr. Hayne later re-examined the case and has now stated in a signed declaration that evidence was not sufficient to conclude that a sexual assault occurred.”

  3. hello i am an wrongly convicted inmate in Mississippi Steve hayne did the autopsy report in 1994 of November on the victim an my co defended indictment read the victim died by shooting an beatin the indictment was issued July 20,1995 Willie Davis now i am Aaron Finley I was freed on all charges dismissed in August 1995 along with Willie Davis first cousin. i received an indictment in April 12,1996 while i WAS freed on the above charges capital murder an arm robbery. so april 12,1996 i turned my self in after hearing the police was looking for me now the indictment i received for same victim states the victim died by drowning an beatin? Steve hayne did the autopsy report on the victim the district attorney in meridian ms sign both of these indictments? same victim Steven hayne DIDN’T COME TO MY TRIAL TO GIVE THE CAUSE OF DEATH WHY? HE WAS AN WITNESS FOR THE STATE AN MY ATTORNEYS DIDN’T SHOW I WAS FOUND GUILTY OF CAPITAL MURDER ARM ROBBERY? BY THE CO DEFENDED TESTIMONY ALONE WIT THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN MERIDIAN MS . I HAVE DONE 20 YRS FOR wrongly convicted no help to prove my innocent.

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