Investigation by Sarasota Herald-Tribune Results in Release of Florida Inmate

Investigative Journalism often plays a vital role in overturning wrongful convictions. Such is true in the case of Andre Bryant. Bryant was convicted of robbery in 2006 and sentenced to serve 30 years in prison. Last year, Sarasota Herald-Tribune journalist Elizabeth Johnson began looking into Bryant’s case. After nine months of reporting, the Herald-Tribune published an investigation that raised questions about the arrest and conviction of Bryant in the 2006 robbery of a deputy’s wife and children. The investigation led the Innocence Project of Florida to represent Bryant and the State Attorney’s Office to re-examine the case. Last week, Bryant was released from prison following the the State’s decision to set aside the robbery conviction.

Kudos to Johnson and all other investigative journalists whose efforts are key to correcting the issue of wrongful conviction.

For more on Andre Bryant’s release click here

2 responses to “Investigation by Sarasota Herald-Tribune Results in Release of Florida Inmate

  1. My son is also in prison, and was convicted for a 2 yr. old cold case, in Mobile, AL. The 1st person arrested was the grandson of the surviving victim. Funny how our D. A. Ashley Rich gets elected in 2010, and the same month this guy in released, all charges dropped! Now my son is serving 2 consecutive life sentences while Andre Sales is free. Andre’s blood, and the victims blood was found in Andre’s bedroom 2 yrs. ago, and even with blood evidence, he was released!! No criminal records on my son, and no forensic evidence either! Yet…he was convicted strictly on the word of a career criminal already serving a prison sentence. And yes the snitch did get his freedom for testifying! What a great justice system we have in Alabama!

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