Why is a Man Serving Life for a Murder that Feds Say Someone Else Committed?

From the Marshall Project:

The case of Lamont McKoy.

Lamont’s case is currently being handled by the Duke Law Wrongful Convictions Clinic at Duke University. I am very familiar with this case, as I have substantial time in on it, and I can tell you there is even more exculpatory evidence than what is cited in the above article.


4 responses to “Why is a Man Serving Life for a Murder that Feds Say Someone Else Committed?

  1. This is something that I am very familiar with. My son was convicted to two life sentences to close a 2 year old cold case. They do not care who they lock up…just lock someone up! Mobile, Alabama, 02/07/2010, Lawrence Hutson was murdered, bludgeoned to death. His companion, Elizabeth Duggin, also beaten, and sent to the hospital. Elizabeth’s grandson, who also lived there, was arrested. His blood, and Lawrence’s blood was found by a Forensic team, but for some strange reason, our “New” D.A., decided to release Andre Sales (grandson), and take the word of a snitch, already serving a 25 year stretch. The crime scene was contaminated, as neighbors were allowed to enter, and word got around the small community quick about what they saw upon entering the house. Yet..the D.A.; Ashley Rich, releases the one person with a motive for killing this old man, and sent detectives to Missouri to arrest Scott Jones (my son) for this crime.
    Without funds, an attorney was appointed, and the rest is history. Two life sentences, consecutively! No DNA, No Fingerprints, No Criminal History! And yes..the snitch did get a deal, he was released, freed while my son was locked up, and where is the justice!!! Ashley Rich was allowed to film our trial for her pilot tryout for a new TV show! Yeah, no pressure there!

    • MR.Jones, Would you please get in touch with me asap.I need to talk to you concerning your sons case, please give me a few moments of your time,sincerly mary warnke

  2. Stunning indifference to human beings is disturbing in so many ways. Once again, Lamont’s case exposes a broken justice system. The lawmakers and prison profiteers complain about over-crowded prisons and the need for more “prison beds”, as they are filled with how many thousands of innocent men, women and children? Outrageous!

  3. Mrs.Dawson, Can you please get in touch with me asap ? I really need to talk to you if you don’t mind.337-378-7485

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