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  1. Hello Bloggers and anyone that has an interest in justice. I just want to say; the work the Innocence Project and other pro bono lawyers devote for the sake of justice, to right the injustices that have occurred to those behind bars for murders and rapes that they have not committed, is highly important and so appreciated. That being said, I hope they will begin to take on cases that have resulted in wrongful convictions and incarceration of non violent issues. Cases where the convicted has been or was wrongfully sentenced to lengthy prison sentences. I say this because I was wrongfully convicted and in 1988 and sentenced to 9 to 19 years for a licensing act that was not even in effect, and without the large resources needed to combat it, there is nowhere to turn. The prosecutor has a horrible record and many of his cases in that era have been scrutinized. I served 2 and almost a half years of the sentence, and although released early, have been fighting the conviction ever since it occurred, without success. Regardless of what one is imprisoned for, serving time for something you are not guilty of is a horrible thing to experience. In my case, it altered my entire life. There has to be a mechanism for these organizations to also review and seriously consider these types of cases.

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