Conviction dismissed, Robeson County man freed from prison after more than 4 years

Sharp said, “Wrongful convictions, we don’t hear a lot about them. Being overturned. And when we do, they are often cases in which the defendant have been incarcerated for decades. Henry McCollum, Leon brown, 31 years. For Henry on death row before being exonerated. And in that case he was exonerated only through DNA evidence right. And so this was a case where there was no physical evidence against Timothy (Britt) to begin with. Which at the trial level that makes the case, defense case stronger. Right, there’s no physical evidence. But from a post conviction standpoint, it often makes it more difficult to prove someone is innocent, if you don’t have that physical evidence to exonerate down. And so I would you say that this is a case of hope. And I hope that it will give that to other people who are similarly situated. Other people who’ve been wrongfully convicted. Who thinks that there’s just not a chance for them. I think this is a story of hope for them.”

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