Amanda Knox Returns to Italy.

Since her initial acquittal in Italy and return to the US in 2011, Amanda Knox has never returned to Italy. She has remained busy getting along with her life, writing, and in supporting movements dedicated to the pursuit of true justice.    Until now.

We wrote about the facts of her case on this blog in 2012 here.

She returned to Italy this past week to speak at the Festival on Criminal Justice sponsored by the Italy Innocence Project in Modena, Italy.

See the CNN story about her return here.


4 responses to “Amanda Knox Returns to Italy.

  1. Rallies in Philly, London and Manitowoc Cap Innocence Weekend for Wrongfully Convicted. See

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  3. I AMM so glad for you he Italy women My husband has been Incarated for 17 years for his WRONGFULCONVICTION also we Are praying He gets for His Harris county Lawyers Railroading him and two women who were on drugs lied on him and the Harris county judge Mary Lou keel gave my husband 30 years for a Crime he never done They have even dropped a case in 2002 and the sherriff from Houston even told my husband they dropped his case to God bless 🙏 and prayers

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