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Another conviction reversed because of misleading PowerPoint images

Last month, this blog highlighted here a Marshall Project report on how prosecutors are winning convictions through the egregious misuse of PowerPoint presentations. Now, the Marshall Project reports here the reversal of yet another conviction because of prosecutors’ use of inflammatory and misleading PowerPoint images … Continue reading

Prosecutors turning to ‘PowerPoint justice’ to win the day

The Marshall Project reports that prosecutors have found a new tool with which to convict the innocent as well as the guilty: PowerPoint. You can see some examples of their improper “visual advocacy” here.

A Broken Justice System – Cases in Point – Part 2 – The Case of Courtney Bisbee

From time to time, I become aware of cases that are particularly good examples of the flaws, the problems, the shortcomings, the failures, and the actual injustices of our so-called justice system (that I have been writing about here for the … Continue reading

Changes at Center on Wrongful Convictions Reveal the Power of a Few

As reported in the Chicago Tribune today (here) and in a release from Northwestern University Law School, Rob Warden, co-founder and executive director of the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern Law will retire at the end of the academic … Continue reading

Powerful Documentary Focuses on Wrongful Conviction in Philippines, Airs in U.S. Tomorrow……

From source: NEW YORK – “Give Up Tomorrow,” an astonishing documentary about an outrageous miscarriage of justice, comes to PBS on Thursday, Oct. 4. Produced by Marty Syjuco and directed by Mike Collins, a longtime gay couple living in Brooklyn, … Continue reading


Tipping Point: Is America finally saying no to prosecutorial overreach?

This week Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson ordered a special “court of inquiry” into former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson’s alleged misconduct in his prosecution of Michael Morton, proven innocent of murdering his wife after he served … Continue reading

Dean Gillispie Wins $45 Million for Wrongful Conviction

. Ohio man wins $45 million in lawsuit after being wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years LAURA A. BISCHOFF November 22, 2022, 10:56 AM COLUMBUS, Ohio – An Ohio man won $45 million in a civil lawsuit against a police department and detective … Continue reading

‘Blind Injustice’ set to premiere to sold-out run at Cincinnati Opera

“Very rarely in life are we given a gift as precious as this one. It’s humbling to tell a story from people who have suffered so much, rallied so much and given us so much to believe in, in terms … Continue reading

All Americans should have a right to counsel

BY SARAH TURBERVILLE AND LARS TRAUTMAN, OPINION CONTRIBUTORS — 02/12/18 12:10 PM EST  Our Sixth Amendment right to counsel is one of our chief defenses against the power of the government to take the property, the liberty — and in some cases, … Continue reading

Are prosecutors obligated to believe the evidence they present at trial?

By Radley Balko “You might think that, from an ethical standpoint, prosecutors should believe that the evidence they put in front of juries is actually true and accurate. After all, they’re state employees, paid with public funds, and they’re entrusted with enormous power. At … Continue reading

URGENT: Northern California IP needs your help today….

Timely call to action at end of this post….MUST BE DONE TODAY Tomorrow (Tuesday), Maurice Caldwell has his first hearing before the California Victim Compensation Board. The Board may be his only and best chance to receive compensation.  Although compensation … Continue reading

Big Win for Innocent Men and the Wits Justice Project in South Africa

From the Daily Maverick: Before convicted murderers Samuel ‘Sampie’ Khanye and Victor Moyo walked out of Kgosi Mampuru’s spiked prison gates on 24 March, Khanye had just one request which wasn’t granted. He wanted to tell prison director Mabuti Tshele … Continue reading

In groundbreaking partnership, Innocence Project trains New Orleans detectives

From: The New Orleans Advocate They could almost be taken for a class of undergraduates, sitting in the dark hush of a university amphitheater, sipping from water bottles and scribbling notes while a lecturer guides them through a PowerPoint presentation. … Continue reading

What If America Approached Crime Like Treating a Disease?

The case for an outcomes-based approach to criminal-justice reform From: The Atlantic What if doctors prescribed the same treatment to every patient with a particular symptom, without trying to diagnose its cause? Or if they offered powerful medications, without bothering … Continue reading

Why Do So Many People Confess to Crimes They Didn’t Commit?

From: Vice By Samuel Gross and Maurice Possley This story was co-published with the Marshall Project. “You have the right to remain silent.” If you’ve ever watched any of the tens of thousands of hours of television devoted to crime … Continue reading

Tyrone Noling appeal: Ohio Supreme Court asked for access to DNA evidence in death-row case

From: COLUMBUS, Ohio – Throughout his 20 years on Ohio’s death row, Tyone Noling has maintained his innocence. Someone else, he says, killed an elderly couple in Atwater Township. Despite his conviction for the 1990 murders of Bearnhardt and … Continue reading


How Orange County Prosecutors Covered Up Rampant Misuse of Jailhouse Informants From: The Intercept By: Jordan Smith Prosecutorial misconduct and the misuse of jailhouse informants are persistent problems in the criminal justice system. According to the National Registry of Exonerations, since 1989 … Continue reading

Comment on the Nature and State of the (US) Justice System

While writing the latest post about Jack McCullough‘s exoneration, and while reading Courtney Bisbee‘s latest filing with the US District Court for Arizona, I got to reflecting on my experiences with the justice system over the past eight years, and … Continue reading

Launch of Innocence Project Japan

This weekend I had the good fortune to speak at two events, one in Tokyo and one in the Kyoto/Osaka area, kicking off the Innocence Project Japan.  Given the enthusiasm, passion and energy witnessed during these events, I am quite … Continue reading

Cook County (Chicago) State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez Ousted in Primary

Anyone who has followed my stuff on this blog even casually knows that, because of their behavior, deeds, and actions, prosecutors are not my favorite group of people. And topping my list of least favorite prosecutors has always been Anita … Continue reading