Exoneree Band to Perform in Utah…

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

The group of musicians performing at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center June 10 not only share a love for music but also share a similar life experience.

The band members all spent years in prison for crimes they did not commit and were later exonerated and freed by DNA evidence. They will play to benefit the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center, which works to exonerate people wrongly convicted of crimes.

The group began playing together two years ago at the National Innocence Network’s annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the help of Salt Lake City based performer and producer, Kate MacLeod.

“This is a very special group of musicians. Their stories are amazing, and they absolutely bring down the house with their original songs and soulful performances,” MacLeod said. “I am excited to bring them to my home town.”

The musicians include Eddie Lowery, Raymond Towler, Darby Tillis, William Dillon and Antione Day.

Squatters Pub will host a pre-concert party.

The concert will help raise money for Utah’s Rocky Mountain Innocence Center, which is based in Salt Lake City and investigates innocence claims in Utah, Nevada and Wyoming using DNA tests, or non-DNA cases with old-fashioned detective work. The nonprofit receives about 20 requests from inmates claiming innocence each month.

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