The Aftermath of Wrongful Convictions

Recently, the Albany Law Review published a special issue of the journal dedicated to articles focusing on the aftermath of wrongful convictions. As we all know, walking out of the prison gates after spending years being denied freedom does not necessarily result in immediate freedom. Freedom from what? In most cases, certainly, not freedom from financial needs; not freedom from housing needs; not freedom from employment needs; not freedom from psychological and social needs. The articles in this journal address many of those issues. I recommend it. Here is a link to that issue that will allow you to review each of the articles:
Ron Huff

One response to “The Aftermath of Wrongful Convictions

  1. P.S.: Scroll down to find the articles in the journal, then click on each article’s link. Also, please note that there is a typo in a footnote in the article by Dioso-Villa, citing a book I co-authored in 1996. The survey we conducted with a conservative sample of officials resulted in an estimated 0.5% error rate in felony convictions at that time, which would have resulted in about 10,000 wrongful convictions a year, just for the most serious felonies (index crimes) alone (not 100,000 as reported in that footnote).

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