Execution Imminent in Taiwan

Cheng Hsing-tse was arrested on 5 January 2002 and accused of killing a police officer during a gunfight. He was sentenced to death for murder by the Taichung District Court on 18 November 2002. The case bounced back and forth between the High Court and the Supreme Court for appeals and retrials; however Cheng Hsing-tse’s death sentence was finalized on 25 May 2006. His lawyers have since applied for extraordinary appeals but the requests have been rejected each time by the Prosecutor General.

The recently founded Taiwan Innocence Project has taken on the case.  They believe that a confession that was made was obtained through torture, and have filed perjury charges against two police officers for lying about that in testimony.  The defendant has recanted the confession.  The crime scene investigation was completely botched by the police – the guns were not left in place and were collected, and the bodies were moved.  There was also a bogus ballistics analysis done, which has been confirmed as such by a US firearms expert.  However, despite their efforts, the Minister of Justice could sign an execution order at any moment.

Here is the call by Amnesty International for petitions to be submitted to the Taiwanese government:  asa380062012en

One response to “Execution Imminent in Taiwan

  1. Robert Joseph McCarty

    For Further Referral to Anyone who will help me in justice and fairness!

    I plead for help with “Clean Hands”[no prior arrests / convictions / no “prior bad act” evidence or ever a hint of inappropriate sexual behavior] because I have lost my right to vote and required to register as a Tier 1 Sex Offender based on a year 2003 Japanese conviction of “Quasi Indecent Assault” absent all due process consistent with the concepts of fundamental fairness. Specifically, prior to trial for six (6) months in a Japanese jail, with only 30 minutes a day out of the cell to a 9 foot by 12 foot completely enclosed and covered area shared by 14 other prisoners; extensive psychological and de factor physical torture: including but not limited to the following; repeatedly beaten with punches to stomach , kicked in legs and shins, pushed against walls and head banged against walls and floors, arms twisted behind back and held in judo locks, handcuffed tightly to inhibit blood flow; threatened with further beatings for noncooperation; forced to give my social security number to Japanese detectives under threat of beating; threatened with a gun by the lead detective; repeatedly forced to remain in handcuffs for extended periods of time in a personal car (referred to as “death rides”), in the back seat, sitting in the middle over the transmission, with knees forced up to chin waiting to appear before the prosecutor at night, and denied dinner while guards were eating in the car; repeatedly remained in handcuffs for extended periods of time and denied use of toilet until guard needed to use toilet, then only allowed to urinate, not defecate; under threats of beating from detectives, forced to provide incriminating and culpatory testimony written Japanese which was not understood, under threat of beating, to prosecutor without lawyer while tied to a chair for multiple hours, sometimes until as late as 12:00 AM; always called multiple vile names; forced to take showers with only Japanese Mafia (Yakuza) and told that an attack would occur in the shower; forced to share cell with a Japanese accused of attempted murder, who entered cell covered in blood and told by detectives I would be injured or murdered in my sleep by the same Japanese who would be allowed to steal scissors while being questioned; after transfer to Japanese detention prison, trial lasted one (1) full year; forced to sit at attention in 7 by 12 foot cell and never allowed to exercise in the cell, eventually suffered two (2) strokes and a heart attack; never allowed to talk to anyone in English or Japanese, even during exercise periods of ½ hour per day in a 24 feet by 60 feet area shared by 30 prisoners who were forced to either walk in a circle or sit on an inclined cement ledge without talking to anyone; not allowed to have any visitors unless the visitor spoke fluent Japanese during the visit; at trial, no jury trial; evidence access to exculpatory evidence limited by Japanese law; not understanding the charges, because never informed of the nature and the cause of the accusation due to being made to understand that the charge was blackmail and taking video tapes of the 19 year old, alleged victims; not being able to confront one’s accusers, at trial, although 19 years of age, alleged victims testified facing the judge behind a screen; incriminating and culpatory testimony written in Japanese, not understood because accused could not read Japanese, obtained while being tied to a chair and threatened, those statements that were signed under threat of beatings were in fact used during the trial; accused compelled to be a witness against self by being forced to testify culpatory statements that were not understood, both before prosecutor and detectives as well as before three (3) different judges at probable cause hearings, were in fact signed by the accused; consequently the conviction was based on not being allowed to adequately defend against the spurious charges and being compelled to testify against self; accused not allowed to contact or sit alongside the attorney, because forced to sit at attention between two (2) guards while rope tied around waist on a hard wooden bench; not allowed to talk to the attorney at all during trial; not allowed to take notes during trial; not allowed to present any exculpatory evidence at trial level; not allowed to introduce a rebuttal expert witness testimony nor cross examine the surprise expert witness for the prosecution; initial prosecutor relieved for lies to judge, prosecutor demanded Japanese witness contact American witness to discourage her from testifying with exculpatory evidence; prosecutor forced Japanese friendly witnesses to sign culpatory statements; attorney consultation severely limited and attorney not allowed at any prosecutor or detective interrogations or at other crucial periods of the justice process before Japanese judges at probable cause hearings, where compelled to sign culpatory statements under threat of beatings, written in Japanese, that were not understood because the accused did not read Japanese and then used at trial; i.e., During all interrogations the accused repeatedly insisted that the acts were not done, however the accused was compelled under threats of further torture and beating to falsely testify via written statements not understood, written in Japanese, that the accused simply did not remember doing those alleged acts; and then subsequently absent all United States Due Process which changed both federal and state legal status.
    Please help me in justice and fairness.
    I am a senior citizen (66), impoverished United States Marine Corps Veteran (1964~1968) who is ignorant of the law.
    Robert Joseph McCarty_________________________________________ December 15, 2012
    Pro Se Plaintiff, in forma pauperis status
    Versailles Senior Apartments
    2651 Clark Towers Court
    Apartment 208
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89102-5885
    Telephone: (702) 207-2280

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