Monday’s Quick Clicks….

  • Northern California Innocence Project client Maurice Caldwell adjusts to life on the outside one year after being exonerated…..
  • the Supreme Court of India has ruled that mere “procedural errors” alone cannot be a basis for overturning a criminal conviction…there must also be a miscarriage of justice in the case before the conviction can be quashed….
  • Amanda Knox signs a multi-million dollar book deal….
  • a former prosecutor (now a judge) in Texas faces an inquiry for allegedly hiding exclulpatory evidence in a case….related commentary by Nancy Petro here….
  • Mississippi Innocence Project Director Tucker Carrington is a featured speaker at the University of Arkansas….
  • Geography–the rural/urban divide–impacts quality of justice in South Africa…
  • a documentary film on the West Memphis 3 wrongful conviction case nominated for Academy Award….
  • Massachusetts passed bill giving inmates access to DNA testing to prove their innocence….
  • this week is Innocence Week at Cardiff Law School in Wales….

2 responses to “Monday’s Quick Clicks….

  1. Thank you for this crucial resource! What an important clearinghouse for educating and for shedding light on this global crisis. Thank you for this and all your incredibly important work on behalf of justice.

  2. We at PNG offer up a congrats to Professor Godsey & the numerous WCB team members for stepping into the mix with both feet.

    Hopefully, as a CrimProf Blog contributor and ‘Editor’ at the ‘WCB’ we’ll see claims of actual innocence having absolutely nothing to do with DNA, Death Row & Open/Active cases be highlighted?
    Regardless of which direction the ‘new’ blog takes, there’s plenty of room on the ‘injustice’ band wagon and you have our 100% support.
    Note: the great state of confusion AKA: Texas is a gold mine. Thanks.

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