Friday’s Quick Clicks….

  • Many believe wrongful convictions are sometimes caused by pressure on the cops to solve high-profile cases.  This pressure has caused the D.C. police to come up with some creative accounting to claim a 94% closure rate in homicide cases.
  • Major League Baseball’s MVP Ryan Braun exonerated from a wrongful suspension for using steroids…Green Bay Packers QB Aaron  Rodgers says Braun is an innocent man, although MLB execs say Braun is guilty and vehemently disagree with the ruling.  Do MLB execs have tunnel vision?
  • After an exoneration and release in Bangladesh, the society struggles with questions like how did it happen, and will the exoneree be compensated?  Sound familiar?
  • All remember Mike Nifong, the infamous D.A. from Durham, NC in charge of the Duke Lacrosse Case.  His successor Tracey Cline is now under fire for allegedly being overzealous, attacking a sitting judge, and not always having the facts to back up her allegations.  More here.
  • The State of Utah has appealed the exoneration of Debra Brown, a woman exonerated last year by the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center.
  • Wrongful conviction in the States is impacted by the trend of mass incarceration.  Here’s an interesting new article from The New Yorker attempting to explain America’s mass incarceration.
  • A retrospective on a famous case of alleged wrongful conviction in Australia of a man named Darryl Beamish.
  • Apparently in Kathmandu, like in the U.S., there’s rarely punishment for public officials like judges whose conduct leads to gross miscarriages of justice.
  • The disciplinary charges against a Texas attorney for making millions representing exonerees in state statutory compensation claims (my understanding is that the state statutory claims involved not much more than filing paperwork to obtained undisputed amounts) was dismissed.  The disciplinary committee plans to appeal, calling the contingency-type fee “unconscionable” in this type of case.  We have, unfortunately, had this problem in Ohio as well.

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