Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Judge in Mexico recommends release of French citizen Florence Cassez, who was convicted in Mexico of kidnapping.  Many French citizens believe Cassez was wrongfully convicted, and now it appears the judge has similar concerns
  • Two police officers in Aurora, Illinois did the right thing in following up leads that led to exoneration (more here)
  • Kansas exoneree Joe Jones relieved that CODIS DNA database entry of the DNA from his case results in a “cold hit” to the true perpetrator
  • Houston lawyer exposes the prosecutorial misconduct involved in the Michael Morton wrongful conviction case
  • Television drama about the Great Mint Swindle, a famous wrongful conviction case in Australia, airs Sunday night in New Zealand
  • Governor in Maryland considers clemency petition of Innocence Project client; prosecutor supports the petition, saying he would not have brought the charges if he knew then what he knows now

2 responses to “Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. The Greatest Mint Swindle is in Australia not New Zealand.

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