New Documentary Tells of Wrongful Conviction of Medicine Man…

A couple of impressionable young children pressured into alleging molestation and pointing the finger because of a family feud and manipulative games between “grown-ups” that they don’t understand.  Procedural errors in the investigation and conviction, which are ignored by the appellate courts.  Later, after the children have grown up, they recant, and pass polygraphs.  They show remorse and frustration, and convincingly explain why they were made to lie when they were children.  Evidence about the family feud that led to the false charges is plentiful.  Jurors sign affidavits saying they would not have convicted had this been known.  Prosecutors and courts don’t care.  Innocent man languishes in prison (in this case, until death).

Sound familiar?  To anyone who has worked with an Innocence Project, it certainly would.  Like with our own cases involving this all-to-common fact pattern, this is what happened to Lakota medicine man Douglas White.  A new documentary, Holy Man:  The USA v. Douglas White (trailer here) tells of this heartbreaking phenomenon in the context of Native American spirituality and reservation life.  The filmmakers’ shock at how the prosecutors and courts refused to listen to reason, and bent over backwards to avoid considering the new evidence, will strike close to home.  Details here.

2 responses to “New Documentary Tells of Wrongful Conviction of Medicine Man…

  1. arkansastruthseeker

    I want to see this, thank’s for the article.

  2. Holy Man, Reviewed a trailer for this film, and noted it presents distant historical profiles of government and belief systems atrocities, which is well acknowledged and recognized as wrongs in that distant past from those entities.

    s family members testified which led to his convictions, if their testimony was actually false at the time, why portray in this film the cause of their behavior is from the distant past, when the family members mentality, character and word views were shaped by teachings given to them in present time, by people in this film ?

    When one digs into the layers of recent changes in Lakota Spirituality and Ceremony, it is obvious the current teachings over the last 35 years have failed miserably. The failure of positive social growth based on current spirituality is the result of people like CrowDog, Arvol Looking Horse, Russell Means and other affiliates who are portrayed in this movie as advocates for 1st nations people. Their their agenda’s have and continue to be predominately self serving.

    What a sad attempt to pass off accountability and responsibility of our current social, spiritual degradation by pointing the finger at the government and other belief systems “again”.

    Perhaps someday people will start looking under the deceptions and realize there are many of our voices that understand these attempts to continue promoting the illness that those in this film perpetrate. Those many voices will continue to put out the self serving bastardized fires. These actions do not make money for producers or anyone else, thou it does ensure the survival of our ancestors voices. eh?

    Quit pointing the finger at the distant past, and recognize what is occurring now and start looking at who’s current teachings are accepted and being followed.

    it is absolutely mind boggling how people with such good intent, such as writers, producers, narrator’s can fall prey to the sickness that is killing us from within. A sickness they are blinded by and unaware of that uses them to grow in strength and move about.

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