Good Cops Warm the Heart

I reported previously about police in Southern Illinois working with the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project to exonerate Jonathan Moore.  Now, there is news that the police voluntarily re-opened the murder case of Barton McNeil.  McNeil was convicted of smothering his 3-year old daughter in 1998, but always claimed that his girlfriend at the time was the true perp.  After the girlfriend was convicted of another murder last year, the police decided to take a second look at McNeil’s case.  They contacted McNeil’s supporters and conducted numerous interviews, but have not yet been able to find any new evidence supporting innocence.  They state that they want to work on the case with the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project.  Article and video here.

5 responses to “Good Cops Warm the Heart

  1. Why This Is Important
    It will help to prove with 100% certainty the concealment of a crime that only the real criminal or in the case of a frame up by law enforcement. This will help keep all parties involved honest!! I
    a new test that the Iowa Supreme Court ruled on and overturned a 24 year old conviction, using Brain fingerprinting test. This test has been used by The FBI, In Collaboration with: Drew C. Richardson, Ph. D, former Supervisory Special Agent FBI Laboratory Quantico, VA to accurately detect 100% of the times the concealment of information. Brain Fingerprinting testing also achieved 100% accuracy in three studies they conducted on contract for a U.S. intelligence agency, including one that was in collaboration with Dr. Rene Hernandez of the US Navy.
    Pass the word Iowa Senator Grassley is a proponent of this new technology pass the word if you want justice.

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  3. Thank you for having a good heart and helping those people correct mistakes.

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