Scottish CCRC’s 800-Page Report on Problems in “Lockerbie Bomber” Conviction Leaked…

From a news source:

Glasgow-based newspaper the Sunday Herald published the 800-page Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) report on its website.  It documents the details of al Megrahi’s second appeal in 2007. According to the report, prosecutors failed to disclose seven pieces of evidence that led to the fresh appeal.  The SCCRC upheld six grounds that could have constituted a miscarriage of justice.  Megrahi was convicted of murder over the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which was destroyed over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 2001.

At the end of an 800-page report, the commission says: “In accordance with the principles set out at the beginning of this chapter the Commission has also considered whether, notwithstanding its conclusion that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred, the entirety of the evidence considered by it
points irrefutably to the applicant’s guilt. The Commission’s conclusion is that it does not.”

“In these circumstances the Commission believes not only that there may have
been a miscarriage of justice in the applicant’s case, but also that it is in the interests of justice to refer the case to the High Court. The Commission accordingly does so.”

The release of the report has been applauded, and some have called for an inquiry into the official misconduct

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3 responses to “Scottish CCRC’s 800-Page Report on Problems in “Lockerbie Bomber” Conviction Leaked…

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Easy Fix*.
    The Modest Proposal of 2012-03-27 Tue 0500 EDT
    1. Hire REOD (Retired Explosive Ordinance Disposal) personnel.
    2. While learning law, they monitor RPs (Rogue Prosecutor)s.
    3. The REOD employee demonstrates to the RP the consequence of improper EOD job performance and explains that the same consequence will apply to the RP on an EBV (egregious Brady violation).
    4, The RP continues to decide what is exculpatory evidence.
    5. ☺ The REOD now decides whether there is an EBV ☺ ‼
    6. Look, Jane. See the RP behave ! Behave, behave, behave ‼
    Love/Hate mail to
    Love/Hate snail mail to PO Box 91018, ZIP+4 43209-7018

    * Relax, Homeland.
    It’s only a modest proposal.
    Most RPs will behave after they observe the consequence of improper job performance on EOD ☺

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