Breaking News: Big Win for Centurion Ministries in California

Centurion Ministries had the murder conviction of a longtime client thrown out yesterday.  From the LA Times:

A Los Angeles County judge has overturned a 1985 murder conviction in the fatal shooting of a maintenance man in South Pasadena, finding that sheriff’s detectives failed to disclose records pointing to another possible suspect and may have improperly influenced witnesses.

Superior Court Judge Suzette Clover made the ruling after the prosecution’s key witness recanted, telling the judge at a hearing that he never got a good look at the killer and felt pressured to make a positive identification after tentatively identifying Frank O’Connell as the gunman during a photo lineup.

O’Connell, whose conviction was based largely on eyewitness testimony, has maintained that he had nothing to do with the killing.

Full article here.

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