Italy: A Legal system in crisis?

The legal system in Italy is renowned as having ‘difficulties’. These are laid bare in this article, explaining how Italy’s justice has almost ground to a halt, weighed down with too many cases, too many solicitors and massive backlogs. A glimpse of the issues was shown to the world via the famous Amanda Knox and Ralph Sollecetio case, but this is just the tip of what appears to be a very big iceberg:

  • There is a backlog of 3.4million criminal cases;
  • 84million Euros was paid out last year in compensation for miscarriages of justice and delays;
  • a further 46million Euros was paid to people unjustly imprisoned…

read the full story here…

Insight: Overloaded justice system ties Italy in knots

3 responses to “Italy: A Legal system in crisis?

  1. Wow. Thanks for bringing this to our attention…

  2. This is frightening. I guess the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  3. Carole McCartney

    This only covers the legal part of the equation. I also know that the forensic science in Italy is in dire straits, and we won’t even mention the police! I suspect that Italy is in seriously great need for reform, as well as a lot of innocence work.

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