This Sunday Dateline NBC to Air Episode About Day Care Hysteria that Led to Many Wrongful Convictions

Those involved in innocence work are aware of the day care molestation hysteria that swept the U.S. (and other countries) in the 1980s and 1990s that led to many wrongful convictions.  This Sunday at 7pm EST in the U.S. Dateline NBC will air a one-hour episode about one of these cases–the Nancy Smith/Joseph Allen case.  The Ohio Innocence Project and its students will be featured in the latter part of the show.

Many know Nancy from her attendance (and speaking roles) at the past few Innocence Network Conferences, and for her art contributions to Illustrated Truth:  Expressions of Wrongful Conviction…

Contributing editor Martin Yant was the investigator on the case who stayed with it over the years (he worked on it longer than anyone) and got the ball finally moving toward Nancy’s freedom…

Tune in Sunday night…this is an interesting case and should be a good show…


9 responses to “This Sunday Dateline NBC to Air Episode About Day Care Hysteria that Led to Many Wrongful Convictions

  1. This is not the Nancy Smith case. This is the Joseph Allen/Nancy Smith case. Allen is equally innocent. We can’t support efforts to exonerate one and not the other.

    • You are correct but I think the Dateline episode is focusing on Nancy Smith, and my post was about the Dateline episode…but I will add Allen to the text because you are correct..

    • Amen! That man was just a black man with a past whom lived in the area they needed! May he also have this freedom

  2. I will never forget the McMartin Preschool trials. So many lives ruined, for nothing. The people at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Meyerson Center will tell you that this was a shining example of how NOT to do forensic interviews of children.
    And despite the fact that it has all been bulldozed over, there are people who STILL hold fast to the belief that there are secret underground chambers under the old school site. This was the very definition of “witch hunt”.

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  4. These hearsay allegations are happening in Escambia County Florida as we speak. Some of the Judges and State Prosecutors have become comfortable in their positions and are destroying innocent peoples’ lives just because they can. My son has no evidence against him except hearsay by unreliable hearsay witnesses. Their depositions taken under oath, as well as, in court, contained inconsistencies, and also were caught in lies and change of story. Most of the jury was not interested in being there and just said guilty.

  5. My daughter was on this bus, these parents approached us to lie, yet no one would put it on record. The prosecution never would take statements of truthful statements that any of us parents or caregivers had to offer that would have helped her, only lies they where rehearsing these children with. Nancy was the best and only bus driver she ever had! Many children adored her authority and kindness then these sick parents started these lies because they hated that! Sick very sick where are these children at now? I pray this truth finally comes to light and this woman can finally have this dirty lie finally put to rest. God Bless this family and the strong daughter who lead the battle to clear her mother!

  6. Karen Alemane

    Nancy is my sister and we all know that it was false acusations from the beginning.This lie ruined her life and the lives of her children were turned upside down. I am so grateful to the Ohio Innocence project for getting involved. Now, that being said,why is Judge Burge the only person to address the injustice? Nancy deserves her name cleared and if anyone involved in her case would not be afraid to speak the truth against all the fallacies,maybe it could all come to an end, though it will haunt her for the rest of her life! Come foward the truth WILL set you free!

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