Canada’s Path to Justice:Preventing Wrongful Convictions

‘No criminal justice system is, or can be, perfect. Nevertheless, the manner in which a society concerns itself with persons who may have been wrongly convicted and imprisoned must be one of the yardsticks by which civilisation is measured’

The result of the extensive and nationwide consultation about prevention of  wrongful convictions in Canada, led to the production in the fall of 2011, of a report entitled -Path to Justice: Preventing Wrongful Convictions. The report acknowledges the key drivers of wrongful convictions to include tunnel vision; eye witness identification and testimony; false confessions; in-custody informers; DNA evidence; forensic evidence and expert testimony. It concludes with pertinent recommendations. Read here . Reading the report as a whole, it holds out promise of tackling the scourge of wrongful convictions, in a pro-active way.

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