Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Hearing held yesterday in in Texas in case of mother convicted of murdering her child by forcing him to eat cajun seasoning until he died of sodium overdose.  Mother has always maintained innocence and claims ineffective assistance of counsel and non-disclosure of crucial evidence by the prosecution
  • Recap of the Brady hearing yesterday in DC involving the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project
  • Police claim 2005 evidence preservation law in Wisconsin is now causing storage problems
  • Listen to John Grisham’s radio interview about his work for Innocence Projects
  • Death penalty will be on California ballot in November
  • The Good Wife TV show has an episode this week based loosely on the Michael Morton wrongful conviction and exoneration
  • Janis Puracal, sister of Jason Puracal (case discussed here and here), discusses her visit with her brother in a Nicaraguan prison
  • Innocence Project fights for exoneration in alleged false confession case in DC

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