David Protess Reviews some of the Stunning Wrongful Conviction A-List Movies

David Protess, President Chicago Innocence Project in this Chicago Huffington Post, reviews and lays bare, the synopsis of what he considers the top ten list of wrongful conviction films and documentaries. He states that:

‘In the last two decades, wrongful convictions have become a particualarly popular subject of feature films and documentaries, prompted by the seemingly endless stream of high profile exonerations. A-list actors, directors and producers have jumped on the bandwagon to tell their stories. Despite the Hollywood firepower, however, the results have been mixed. Some movies about wrongful convictions have been stunningly good. Others, not so much’

Read full review here and may be you might be minded to make out time to buy the ones that catches your fancy.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-protess/wrongful-conviction-best-films_b_1156689.html

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