‘Truth, Justice, Fair Trial’ – booklet available on Arthur Greer’s case in Australia

The West Australian Attorney General is currently considering a dossier collated by the Criminal Justice Review Project at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia, requesting that Mr Arthur Greer get a full re-consideration of his conviction. Greer was convicted in 1992 after the discovery of the body of missing schoolgirl Sharon Mason, missing since 1983. He has maintained his innocence, and while eligible for parole since 2001, he has not been released due to his refusal to accept guilt for the murder. Mr Greer’s daughter has now produced a booklet summarising his plea for justice, being sent to prominent Australians, as well as accompanying the artworks that Mr Greer is selling from prison. You can read more about the case here…  and here… and the booklet is available here…

Truth, Justice, Fair Trial… The Case of Arthur Greer.

4 responses to “‘Truth, Justice, Fair Trial’ – booklet available on Arthur Greer’s case in Australia

  1. Christine Greer

    I am Arthur Greers daughter, to the best of my knowledge my fathers art work is not being sold and is not for sale. I have no idea where this information came from.
    I am really pleased to see the link to his website has been included, thank you.
    To date we have not had a response from the Attorney General, and now that Christian Porter has completed the Budget, I pray that he makes the time to give his decission.

    • Carole McCartney

      Christine – thanks. I got the information from another website – but happy to correct inaccuracy – thanks! Hope that you’ve had some extra traffic to website and I look forward to hearing about response by AG. Best of luck.

  2. as a nephew and i have been informed of his past,what about all the other unsolved cases involving arthur in the uk.

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