Attorneys for Okunishi File Special Appeal to Retry Nabari Case

Attorneys for Okunishi on their way to the Nagoya High Court to file a Special Appeal.

Since the Nagoya High Court rejected Okunishi’s retrial last week, there has been much criticism against the decision in the press in Japan. Meanwhile, attorneys for Okunishi filed a special appeal to the Supreme Court today.

There is also a concern about Okunishi’s health. 86-year-old Okunishi has lost appetite, and now has other health issues. He is being treated at a hospital outside the detention center.

At the hospital, his right hand is tied to the bed with a handcuff, his left hand also handcuffed with a rope tying the handcuff to a guard’s hand. Four guards are constantly watching him aroun the bed……  Read about this inhumane treatment here (in Japanese).

Additional story on Nabari Case can be found here.

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NAGOYA (Kyodo) — The defense counsel for an 86-year-old death-row inmate convicted of killing five women with poisoned wine in Nabari, Mie Prefecture, in 1961 appealed a high court decision not to reopen the case to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The move came after the Nagoya High Court rejected Friday the seventh appeal for a retrial by Masaru Okunishi, who has been on death row for 40 years, saying, “It is unquestionable that only Okunishi could have mixed pesticide into the wine.”

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