Friday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Lubbock, Texas city council approves granite statue to honor exoneree Timothy Cole
  • Exoneree Brian Banks tells Jay Leno, “I’m on top of the world.”
  • Journalist wins national award for her coverage of the Michael Morton wrongful conviction
  • Chicago exoneree Marcus Lyons settles with the city that wrongfully convicted him for $5 million; Lyons spent 3.5 years in prison
  • The North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission is investigating claims by three Buncombe County men that they had no role in a killing that two co-defendants were cleared of last year.  Larry Jerome Williams Jr., Damian Mills and Teddy Lamont Isbell have submitted claims of innocence, and court records show that commission investigators are looking into their cases.
  • Exoneree Jacques Rivera sues Chicago police for $21 million

One response to “Friday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. My name is Clark McMillan,I live in Menmphis,Tn. I was exoneerated in 2002 and learned that a staff attorney working for the Innocence Project in New York, worked with corrupt state representatives to obstruct justice and urge me to accept an unfair and incompetent compensation for 22 years of wrongful imprisonment. The troubling thing is that I was first mistaken, shot and paralyzed by a Memphis policeman in 1978, then stomped on and kicked unconscious. After being acquitted in a jury trial in 1979 of any wrongdoing, I sought help filing a 57 million dollar lawsuit. After continuously being harrassed by police officers I was eventually arrested, placed in a cell next to a man who had been arrested as a suspect in a rape. The charges were dropped on him and brought against me. I was railroaded, given 119 years. After serving twenty-two and a half years D>N>A> evidence proved the man in the next cell committed the rape, and proved me innocent. I have asked the Innocence Project in New York, since they worked with a state senator(later indicted and imprisoned for accepting bribes) to get me to compromise and accept a deal requiring my compensation to amount to only eight hundred thousand dollars, the majority used to buy an annuity controlled by the state, why won’t they help me out of this mess since the state terminated by disbility insurance, have not given me any counseling or job training since 2002? They abandoned me. What can I do when I presented a new compensation law to the Shelby County delegates last December. The law was changed but they excluded me from being provided any relief/ Also, please see:Proof of Innocence,Discovery Channel; and Clark McMillan@YouTube,Denied Justice. Please respond soon.

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