Police Chiefs Discuss Wrongful Convictions

According to today’s issue of The Crime Report, the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police is sponsoring a conference where police chiefs will discuss their concerns about wrongful conviction.  One of the keynote speakers will be Jennifer Cotton, who mistakenly identified Ronald Cotton as her rapist and who has subsequently co-authored a terrific book (Picking Cotton) about that case. Here is a link to The Crime Report‘s story about the conference:


Ron Huff

2 responses to “Police Chiefs Discuss Wrongful Convictions

  1. Ron,
    The woman in question is Jennifer Thompson-Cannino. Her last name is not Cotton. (You made me think they may have married.
    Michael Fox

  2. Talk, talk, and more talk. Just ask WHY it takes so many years to have the truth be heard or should I say admitted? In many cases, the truth can be found in a simple $30.00 test that it takes copious amounts of money and years of legal maneuvers to get. Such a waste of lives and resources! And then IF there is success, we all act like our system is working! FREEPAULCORTEZ.ORG

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