Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • A judge overturned the conviction of Noe Moreno, a client of the Duke Law Wrongful Convictions Clinic who had been incarcerated since 2006, on Aug. 31.  North Carolina Superior Court Judge Richard Boner vacated Moreno’s conviction and ordered charges against him dismissed, based on evidence of his innocence developed by students and presented by Theresa Newman ’88, co-director of the clinic, and David Pishko ’77, who worked pro bono on the case. Details here
  • Judge in Texas grants DNA testing to 4 inmates convicted of rape and murder in 1992
  • More on New Zealand exoneree David Bain’s bid for state compensation here and here
  • Utah Supreme Court to hear state’s appeal for exoneration of Debra Brown, client of Rocky Mountain Innocence Center
  • A district judge has ruled that a Dallas area man wrongfully imprisoned for more than two dozen years must pay his ex-wife a share of any compensation the state gives him.  The Dallas Morning News reports that Steven Charles Phillips was cleared in 2008 of a string of sex crimes committed by another man in the 1980s. He spent more than two dozen years in prison.  Phillips and his wife, Traci Tucker, divorced in 1991. She sued him after his release, arguing that she too had suffered when he was wrongfully imprisoned.  Judge Lori Hockett on Friday ruled that Tucker was due $114,000 in lost wages and an additional $39,000 for attorneys’ fees and expenses.

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