Wednesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Video:  director Ken Burns talks about his new documentary on the Central Park 5
  • Sarah Palin weighs in on the Jeffrey MacDonald case, which we previously blogged about here, here, and here
  • Cardiff University’s (Wales) Innocence Project is helping an organisation to provide evidence that may assist in a campaign to reform the doctrine of Joint Enterprise (or “Common Purpose”), which critics claim has led to many wrongful convictions in the UK. Described as a “lazy law”, there has seemingly been a marked increase in recent years in joint enterprise convictions. Some say this is due to a misguided attempt to address “gang culture” crimes. Prosecutors are charging multiple individuals all with a major offence rather than charging individuals to reflect more accurately their different involvement. In some cases, it is urged, there should be no charges where someone just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Recent exoneree Brian Banks signs contract to play professional football in Las Vegas

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