Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Article and performance video of The Exoneree Band
  • Yesterday, the Northern California Innocence Project hosted exoneree Gloria Killian, co-author of “Full Circle, A True Story of Murder, Lies and Vindication” at its Breakfast Briefing series. Killian gave a presentation to 70 attendees detailing her wrongful conviction for murder and robbery, the result of what a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge referred to as one of the worst cases of prosecutorial misconduct he had ever seen. A third-year law student at the time of her arrest, Killian spent 17 years in prison. While imprisoned she became a zealous advocate for victims of domestic violence serving sentences for killing their batterers. Killian’s legal work assisted many women, and she was instrumental in helping create a USC law clinic devoted to assisting women in prison. Released ten years ago, Killian has continued to advocate tirelessly for incarcerated women and to shed light into the particular systemic injustices perpetrated in women’s prisons. Beginning in Fall 2013, Killian will re-enter law school at the University of La Verne on a full scholarship.
  • The film West of Memphis helps draw attention to the plight of the West Memphis 3
  • Northwestern’s Center on Wrongful Convictions files DNA testing application in the Illinois murder case of defendant Johnny Lee Savory
  • Dallas exoneree Claude Simmons arrested on a drug charge
  • The Innocence Project concerned there may be many more innocent prisoners who were victims of misconduct by St. Louis police department

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