The Latest in the Medical Debate Over SBS/AHT (Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma)

Well, it seems we’ve got a situation of “dueling journal articles.”

Dr. Sandeep Narang has been one of the more cogent medical authors in support of the conventional SBS/triad theories, and has recently published a paper to that effect:  A DAUBERT ANALYSIS OF ABUSIVE HEAD TRAUMA/SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME.

Prof. Keith Findley, Prof. David Moran, Dr. Patrick Barnes, and Dr. Waney Squier have published a recent paper “in response.”   And by the way, this paper is the best overall summary of the SBS/AHT situation and directions that I have read to date. SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME, ABUSIVE HEAD TRAUMA, AND ACTUAL INNOCENCE:  GETTING IT RIGHT.

And in addition, Dr. Norman Guthkelch, who is the progenitor of the original SBS hypothesis has also published a recent paper in response as well.  PROBLEMS OF INFANT RETINO-DURAL HEMORRHAGE WITH MINIMAL EXTERNAL INJURY.

They may not be great “bedtime reading,” particularly Narang’s paper since it is quite long, but here they are if you’d care to read them:


Barnes PD. SBS and AHT. Getting it right. Hous J Health Law Poly 2012

Guthkelch AN. Preface to Narang. Hous J Health Law Poly 2012

5 responses to “The Latest in the Medical Debate Over SBS/AHT (Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma)

  1. Thank you, Phil, for your excellent coverage and providing these links on this important issue.

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  3. I would like to know if anyone knows how to get in touch with Dr waney squire

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  5. Rachel S Valdez

    My grandson is in prison , for SBS , his own Lawyer did not represent him how a defense Lawyer, should . My grandson wanted to go to trial , and was ready to fight for all his children. His Lawyer made false statements to him giving him no hope. And my grandson being so naive believed her, we gave her alot of evidence of innocence on my grandson. Who can I turn to for help I feel I’m on the right path, because I know my Lord got me here AMEN!”

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