Flawed fingerprint expert won’t be getting job back…

One of the fingerprint experts at the centre of the Shirley McKie scandal in Scotland (see here…) has lost her bid to get her old job back. Fiona McBride wrongly identified a latent print at the centre of a murder case, which saw PC McKie tried for perjury and eventually compensated three quarters of a million pounds by the Scottish Government. McBride and others were suspended from work, but after a year re-training were re-instated. However, they were not allowed to sign joint reports, nor were they to be court-going experts. The fear was that the McKie misidentification would always come up and prosecutions could fail. McBride appealed to the Court of Sessions, who ruled that she need not be re-instated, but that the Employment Tribunal should re-consider if she should be paid compensation (depending on whether she contributed to her dismissal). Read more here….


McKie fingerprint expert Fiona McBride fails to win job back

Shirley McKie fingerprint expert loses job appeal

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