Time: Why Innocent Men Make False Confessions

From Time:

Following ongoing debates on the Daniel Taylor case, a write-up in Time by Adam Cohen (“Why Innocent Men Make False Confessions”, 11 February 2013) observes how false confessions are not an “strange anomaly”. Refers to recent studies confirming that they are among the common causes of wrongful convictions and usually involve young, uneducated, or mentally disabled accused persons who are frightened, unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, and often subject to police manipulation or pressure. Refers to documentaries on false confessions and wrongful convictions: West of Memphis and Central Park Five.

One response to “Time: Why Innocent Men Make False Confessions

  1. Good story marred by Time’s bad headline that implies that only men are manipulated into false confessions. The same thing happens to women. It’s worth noting that blogger Karen Franklin just posted a good review of a new book about the Inquisition, ”God’s Jury,” that put the current problem with false confessions in historical context. http://forensicpsychologist.blogspot.com

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