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2 responses to “Monday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Prosecutorial misconduct would not exist were the bar ▬►AND THE COURTS◄▬ to polish the teeth and use them in laws and rules of the bar that already exist to forbid game playing by the prosecutors .

    I have already gone on record stating that if the bar , courts and disciplinary entities to not go forward do hold evil predatory prosecutors accountable , then someday in some way some aggrieved person (not necessarily a defendant) will use an illegal method to hold the prosecutor (or a family member) accountable .

  2. Ryan Ferguson is an innocent Missouri man wrongly convicted of a crime he had nothing to do with. He has been incarcerated for over 9 years even though the only witnesses have since recanted and admitted to perjury under oath. There are many injustices involved in this case including Prosecutorial Misconduct. Please read more at and if you would like to support Ryan, you may sign the Petition (Change.Org) and “Like” the Free Ryan Ferguson Facebook page.

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