Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Ohio’s public records law dies slow death of 1,000 cuts
  • More than 30 years after he was convicted, a Virginia man has been cleared of abducting a woman and her two young children.  The Virginia Supreme Court on Monday granted Garry Lowell Diamond a writ of actual innocence, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said in a news release
  • In the UK, a man jailed in connection with a murder in Chorleywood 18 years ago is to have his case heard at the Court of Appeal.  Kevin Lane was found guilty of using a shotgun to kill Robert Magill while he walked his dog in 1996.  Appeals judges are expected to hear concerns over a Hertfordshire police officer involved in the investigation who was later jailed.  Lane’s solicitor Maslen Merchant told the BBC: “This is a significant development in what has been a long and arduous journey for Kevin and his legal team.”  The case has been reviewed twice by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) which refused to refer the case for appeal.  He subsequently applied directly to the Court of Appeal which instructed the CCRC to look at “particular points”.  The announcement comes almost exactly a year after the Innocence Network UK (INUK) listed Lane’s among 45 cases it believes should be heard by the Court of Appeal. 

3 responses to “Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. Mr. Godsey, Your blog is very information, educational and outstanding. A great place to come to see the unending progress you are all making, that we can inform our state legislators and lawmakers when they (the Maricopa County Attorney and prosecutors) say there are NO wrongful convictions in Arizona.

  2. Lawyers are submitting their responses to Larry Hammond’s Petition in the Arizona Supreme Court to add ABA Amendment ER 3.8. The website has the links to his petition, the prosecutors’ “NO” responses and Hammond’s rebuttal to the prosecutors. We need your help in Arizona since the local media is not covering it and the AZ Supreme Court needs to understand many are paying attention. Thank you.

  3. R-11-0033 Petition to Amend ER 3.8, Rule 42, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court > Court Rules Forum > Arizona Judicial Branch


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