Monday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Prosecutors across Northeast Texas expressed concerns last week about a Texas senator’s proposal to require DNA testing of all biological evidence before trials in state death penalty cases.
  • The Oklahoma Innocence Project ranks the state among the top 10 for wrongful convictions, which a report issued Friday said could be lowered by law enforcement officers, attorneys and judges.  The Oklahoma Justice Commission, formed by the Oklahoma Bar Association, unveiled its recommendations following a two-year study into convictions of people for crimes they didn’t commit. The 33-member group’s suggestions follow each step of the wrongful conviction process, from arrest to release.
  • Nearly nine years after being freed from prison, where he served 17 years for a double murder in the central Illinois city of Paris before being freed for lack of evidence, Gordon “Randy” Steidl has won a second multimillion-dollar judgment in his case against the people who put him behind bars.  A federal judge on Wednesday entered a $3.5 million agreed-upon judgment in a long-running wrongful conviction and malicious prosecution case against former Paris police Chief Gene Ray, former lead detective James Parrish and former Edgar County State’s Attorney Michael McFatridge.
  • Law enforcement in Buffalo, NY believe prisoner Josue Ortiz is innocent

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