Monday’s Quick Clicks…

  • The Manhattan district attorney will not reverse the conviction of a New York City man found guilty of killing a retired police officer during a botched 1998 robbery in Harlem, saying its re-investigation of the high-profile case found no evidence to warrant tossing the verdict. Defense attorneys called the decision “unjust” and a “tragedy” and vowed to continue their fight to free the man.  Jon-Adrian “J.J.” Velazquez was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life for the shooting death of Albert Ward at the illegal numbers parlor the former NYPD officer operated.
  • A review of the film L’Affaire Dumont, about a wrongful conviction in Canada
  • Alabama set to pardon Scottsboro Boys
  • In Arizona, Louis Taylor experiences shock upon release and looks forward to starting his new life
  • After 30 years, Jeffrey MacDonald, who was notoriously convicted of murdering his family, may be freed from prison. A celebrated filmmaker explains why he believes in MacDonald’s innocence.
  • Bill in Pennsylvania to compensate the wrongfully convicted

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