Following the successful launch in January of 2013 of the French Project Innocence based in Lyon, a new innocence organization is in the early stages of development in Belgium. In a lecture delivered at the University Libre in Brussels, Belgium, attorney Marie Bodart explained to students and faculty the need for an innocence organization in Brussels. While there is skepticism among some in the legal community regarding the need for post-conviction innocence work there due to the perceived differences between common law adversarial and inquisitorial legal systems, criminal defense attorneys recognize the need for an innocence organization given investigation and procedural error. Attorney and innocence project advocate, Ms. Bodart spent the fall of 2012 as a visiting attorney working in Flagstaff, Arizona with the Arizona Innocence Project at Northern Arizona University where she studied investigation and post-conviction litigation, as well as ways to facilitate the operation of an innocence organization. Here’s a link to an article (in French) about the Belgian initiative published in Le Vif:


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